Three Months

Three months and things just keep getting more fun! On one hand, it’s crazy to think we’ve been our own little family for this long, but on the other hand, it feels like it’s always been this way. You know when you have a new normal and you almost can’t even remember what things were like before? That’s totally how it feels. Babies, man!


  • Weighing close to 13 lbs and looking longer than ever.
  • Eyes are changing color and turning hazel in the center.
  • Sleeping 9-10 hours a night in your crib.
  • Loving the bath.
  • Found your feet.
  • Eating every 2-3 hours during the day.
  • Naps are still spotty. Like, we’re lucky if you take one a day!
  • Making the best noises.
  • Smiling back at everyone.
  • Rolled to your belly. Unlike Derek Zoolander, you mostly turn left.
  • No longer sleeping in a swaddle–instead a long onesie and/or sleepsack.
  • Holding up your head a lot more.
  • Loving “walking” on mom and dad’s stomach and on the ground.
  • Practicing tummy time in front of mirrors and loving looking at yourself.
  • Grabbing at everything.
  • Sucking on your hand.
  • Started hating car rides. (Noooo!)


  • Obsessed with all of your noises.
  • Dad is still perfecting his ability to put footie pajamas on you (buttons are hard!).
  • Can’t stop taking a million photos and videos every day.
  • Loving more family adventures — the beach, the fair, RV camping.
  • Getting head-butted all the time.
  • Trying really hard to make you laugh.
  • Look forward to you waking up every morning.





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