ILY Couture + Hair Stress

Have you seen all these awesome necklaces floating around the blogosphere?  They’re everywhere, and have been for a while, but that doesn’t make me like them any less.  They’re from ILY Couture, an online boutique founded by the cutest woman, Christine Andrew.  The online accessories shop has tons of great pieces that are classic, versatile and perfect for layering.  This particular necklace comes in about a million color variations and goes with practically everything.

Is this another Yelp review?  Dang it!

Ok, on another note, I’m getting my hair done tomorrow!  YAY!!!!!!!!!!  Aren’t salon days the best days ever?  There’s so much to love: the pampering, the gossip, the magazines, the excitement of a new ‘do, the head massage, the smell of all the fancy products, the final glance in the mirror.  I could go on for days.  The only downside for me is the anxiety leading up to my appointment.  It’s ridiculous how much thought I put into how I want my new hair.  Do I keep the ombre or go all one color?  Do I take the plunge and finally ask for “The Olivia?”* Do I cut layers or keep growing out to one length?  It’s freaking stressful!

If it isn’t already obvious, I have no idea what I’ll be requesting tomorrow.  If I come back with pink hair and purple tips, you’ll know the stress finally got to me.

*That’s not actually a thing.  I just have major Olivia Palermo hair envy and have decided it needs a name.  Step aside, Rachel Green.   IMG_0179IMG_0183 IMG_0154 IMG_8943 IMG_0162 IMG_0152_2 IMG_0166Sunglasses: Ray-Ban / Necklaces: My Name Necklace + ILY Couture / Top: Cotton On / Pants: Forever 21 / Boots: BP / Purse: H&M



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