Superbowl Hangover

Welp, it’s officially Monday again.  Not just any old Monday, though.  It’s the Monday after Super Bowl and possibly the most hungover day of all time for football fans.  It’s the day you start asking yourself if all those hot wings and that final schooner of beer were really worth it.  The answer is probably yes, but you still second guess yourself for a fleeting moment.

I think all of America can agree that the day after the big game should be deemed a holiday because let’s be honest, no one’s getting much done at work today.  Whether you’re a football fan or a Beyonce and commerical fan like myself, just remember that today will be over soon enough.  We’re going to survive!  In the meantime, I’ll be busy Youtube-ing the best Superbowl Halftime Show of all time and dreaming of being reincarnated as Beyonce in my next life.  Who run the world?  Girls.

Beyonce-Super-Bowl-PromoP.S. Bravo for the return of Destiny’s Child.  Kelly and Michelle have never looked better flanking Queen Bey.  BEST.  SURPRISE.  EVER.

Oh, and here’s my favorite commercial of the day.  Giggle nation.

Happy hangover, all!


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