Rainy Day Circumstances


It was extremely hard keeping up with this weekend’s weather.  It was raining and my hair was frizzing out, then I was shedding layers and soaking up some serious vitamin D at the beach.  I’m not complaining, I’m just stating facts.

With such unpredictable weather, you can’t go wrong with a beanie and boots.  No matter what’s going on in between, at least the vitals are taken care of – your hair and your feet.  I grabbed a super old, floral dress from my college days and mixed it up with a military jacket, scarf and tights.  Sometimes you just need some flowers to brighten up a rainy day, ya know?


Dress + Beanie: H&M / Scarf: Nordstrom Rack / Jacket: Foreign Exchange / Tights: Target / Boots: Steve MaddenIMG_8724

Bracelet: Cabo / “I Promise to Look on the Bright Side” Ring: SEED People’s Market / Infinity Ring: Etsy / Watch: Michael KorsIMG_8728 IMG_8730 IMG_8746 IMG_8763


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