Kiss Art

Before visiting Sam this weekend, I wanted to make him a little something special.  I recently came across an InStyle feature with Leelee Sobieski at her home and was inspired by a “painting” she had made for her husband completely out of kiss marks.  It’s sweet, personal and totally easy to recreate.

All you need:

  • Two or more lipsticks of your choice (I chose three to add some dimension.)
  • One Canvas (I went with an 8×10 size.)
  • Paper towel or make-up removing wipes (Trust me, it gets a little messy.)

{one: Wet n Wild “Nouveau Pink” / two: Wet n Wild “Cinnamon” / three: NYC “Mahogany” }

1.) Start out by covering your canvas with as many kisses as your little heart desires with your first color.  I found myself reapplying lipstick every two or three kisses.

2.) Layer gradually from your lightest to darkest shade of lipstick, wiping off the excess on your lips in between each new color.  Be careful with your nose and chin as you’re smooching because they will leave marks!

3.) Once you’re finished, go look in the mirror and laugh your butt off at the pink and red clown staring back at you.


Kisstastic, I say.


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