Keep Instagram Awesome

Do all you fashion bloggers out there follow  If not, you should.  IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) is a great source for fashion news, tech tips and everything related to starting, maintaining and growing your own blog.  I’m a huge fan and have such a respect for what they offer to bloggers regardless of their size or current success.

I “like” IFB on Facebook and get a good amount of seriously solid information to read and apply to my own blogging venture.  Their posts are always relevant and seem to be just what I was looking for without even realizing it.  Today, for instance, they posted about Instagram and how not to suck at it.  Perfect wording if you ask me.  It’s a video by the filmmaker Casey Neistat with some spot on tips on how to keep Instagram awesome.  Take note, Beibs.  I’ll let this video do the rest of the talking for me.


p.s.  Follow me on Instagram! @breebaisden



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