Interview Attire

Interviews can be anxiety-inducing, nerve-racking and most of all, exciting.  Well, exciting if you’re confident.  In order to be confident you have to be prepared and feel good about yourself and what you have to offer.  For me, the first step toward confidence is putting on the right outfit.  I think everyone can agree that when you feel good about what you’re wearing, you feel good about yourself in general.

For an interview, classic and functional pieces are key with a few personal touches added in for interest.  I always try to go for a look that won’t be distracting to the interviewer but also has enough appeal to keep from boring him or her as well.

Here’s my personal checklist:

  • Layers – you never know what the office temperature will be like and it’s best to be covered up
  • Fitted pants – more flattering and easier to pair with appropriate shoes
  • Low heeled shoes – you want to look professional without the possibility of falling flat on your face
  • Large purse – big enough to fit your resume, references, etc.
  • Unique jewelry – it’s always nice to have a conversation piece to lighten the mood
  • Unfussy hair and makeup – you want the attention on your qualifications, not your lipstick teeth or messy hair (I like to bring a compact mirror to check things out before heading in for the interview)

H&M top and pants/Free Hug blazer/Urban Outfitter heels/Perlina purse/Grandma’s necklace/Michael Kors watch/bracelets from China, the Philippines and Brandy Melville/House of Harlow sunglasses



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