Sam and I went on a double date with our good friends Zach and Sharissa last weekend.  Oh, it’s Wednesday night and I’m just posting about it? Woopsies!  Anyway, we ended up going to dinner and bowling at The District in Tustin.  Even though Sharissa and I were awful (shocker) and the boys kicked our butts, it was still a blast.  I debated posting our scores but thought I’d spare myself the embarrassment.

Superb spelling.

Black light mania. LOVE!

Groovy, man.

The one and only celebration of the night. (Pardon the face, I don’t get out much.)

F21 sweater and scarf/Jolt jeans/thrifted belt/Kaitlyn Clothing tank/H&M bracelets/O.P.I. nails “No Room for the Blues”

The bowling pro himself. I feel so honored.


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